Upcoming Fall & Winter issues…

Just a few quick comments about the Fall & Winter issues of the magazine…

On Friday, November 4th, the upcoming “Thanksgiving” issue of REVIEW Magazine will hit the stands and remain there throughout the month, assuring a good presence for locals and visitors alike on our biggest holiday weekend of the year. Ad copy deadline is Thursday, October 20th. Hope to see you there!

Then, just as we did last year, our December & January publications will be combined into a two-month “Christmas / New Year” double issue… that’s two months for the price of one. Not only does this provide everyone with a little economic relief during the season of gift-giving (and dues-paying!), it also allows for us here at the magazine to say “Thank You” to our many friends and loyal advertisers.

To be honest, it also allows Suzy & me to take a little time off for ourselves! And although it looks like it will be another “staycation” close to home this year, we’re definitely not complaining… all one has to do is look around to know how blessed we are to simply have a home.

Deadline for the double-issue is Thursday, November 17th with a roll-out date of Friday, December 2nd.

As of this writing, the outside front covers are still available for both issues and, if not sold outright, will be offered as usual by way of the monthly lottery.

Now… if I might take a few moments and prognosticate a bit, I’m starting to hear people who are way smarter than I suggest in very strong terms that the Spring of 2012 just may bring a new “revitalized” attitude to our industry. Their thinking seems to be based on some pretty sound indicators: Consumer confidence and, ultimately, politics.

Few can deny that the true market value of real property is that which is perceived by the buyer, and even fewer can ignore the nearly universal and historically low public opinion of our current crop of federal legislators. Sensing an inevitable change in government fiscal policy toward the latter half of the year, some feel that it can only bode well for a renewed enthusiasm toward real estate as investors look for a place to move precious metals profits, or as an alternative to increasingly erratic equities, both as a long-term investment and as the traditional stepping-stone toward building individual wealth.

Now I know that everyone has an opinion, and some, like elbows, have two, depending on which day of the week you talk to them. Today, however, I’m going with this one. It’s optimistic and it sounds right, and after what we’ve all gone through over the last couple of years, optimism just feels good again.

I’m sharing all of this as a way of saying that we here at the magazine are going to continue on “as if”. We are true believers. We are starting to see, as are many of you, the earliest signs of increased activity, of cautious expectation, even prudent confidence from a typically skeptical sector – buyers. That’s why we encourage folks to devote space in their advertising to show “Pendings” and “Solds”. One of those smart guys I mentioned earlier once said it perfectly: Success breeds success.

And like businessmen everywhere, buyers have been hunkered down, husbanding their assets, sitting balanced on the fence, just watching and waiting for someone to give them a reason to jump off… or maybe they’re just waiting to be pushed.

Join us. With your help, we intend to do both.


PS: Virtually every page in our magazine contains at least one “tease” to the internet, because that’s where the action is. If you’re there, you know that the internet can be a really big and lonely place. We just help point the way… every day.
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